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  1. I’m interested in playing ball in the suds cup this weekend if anyone needs a player. My team didn’t enter the tourney.
    Get ahold of me if you need a good glove/bat/arm.


  2. I haven’t played softball in about 15 years, but back when I did, I was quite competitive and played in several Super National Tournaments in the States. I have no desire to play anywhere near that level (in fact as far from it as possible), but I would really love to play again. Historically speaking, I was a pitcher, 1st baseman or catcher – so as you can probably tell, I am not terribly fleet of foot! Lol

    I intend to be reliable – if you are in need of someone who speaks the lingo and won’t leave you hanging, please hit me up – 873-2087

    • I got a phone call today, but the first phone number you listed didn’t work – unfortunately, I didn’t save the second number. If it’s not too much trouble, can I ask you to call back when you get a chance?

  3. I want to play ball been 5 years power hitter and pass my prime but still willing to play have fun i work 2×2 so could be a call up spare if needed just want to get out on field again from time to time see if I still have it.444-1192 or email vander3310@hotmail.com

  4. hi, looking to join a team in division c and . my phone number is 867-447-0415

  5. Hello, Looking to join a team in C and D division.
    my email is khinda_manj@hotmail.com and phone number is 647-771-5275.

  6. Looking to play on a Team, Own Bat, Glove, trying to stay active this summer, A,B, or C Division. 688-1400

  7. Hey. I’m pretty new in town and looking to play wherever I can. I’m a younger guy who has played a couple years of slo-pitch and baseball before that. I can play any position, but I’m strongest in the outfield or shortstop. I don’t know the skill levels here but I’m probably in B or C. My email is teichroeb90@gmail.com or call me at 403-816-0288.

  8. Looking to join any team, I’ve play afew seasons with Independent Eletric Shockers as Centerfield and Pitcher

  9. hi my name is mathew tesselaar, 18 years old looking to get on a baseball team if possible, i prefer division d or c, i played every position and have experience with the game.. my email is mathew.tesselaar18@gmail.com and you can get a hold of me their, thanks.

  10. Howdy,

    Looking to join a team in B or C this year

    Can switch hit, play any position

    867 765 8683

  11. Hey I’m new in town for work til September. Looking to join a team and play some ball. I’m a solid player an play any position (prefer centre field). I have a strong bat and glove. I’m fun easy n easy going n can get alon with anyone. My phone number is from edmonton so just text me or email me. 17805663787 or mrryanmoyer@gmail.com. Add me on fb too if u wanna scope me out. Ryan Moyer from Edmonton AB.

    Cheers hope to meet you soon!

  12. Howdy,

    Looking to join a couple teams this year, B or C division

    765 8683

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