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  1. Looking to play some ball. Thanks


  2. Looking for a team.




  3. If you are in D Division, there have been schedule changes in the later part of the week. Please check the schedule.
    The next three weeks of schedule will be posted by Monday evening.

  4. Hey all
    If you are in C Division, please check Friday’s schedule. A few changes were made to Friday’s games.

  5. Hi Folks,

    Looking to play. Looking to join b,c,d division team that looking to have fun n flexible with position I play. Played as pitcher couple yrs in norman wells. Send me a message or give me a call.

  6. Hi all,

    Looking for a team to join, ideally in the B or C division. I can pitch and am willing to play any position, though usually I roam the outfield.



  7. Hi my name Aj looking for a team to play for this season u can reach me at 766-2575

  8. Looking to join a D division team this year. If you need an extra guy player this year, please let me know.

  9. Missing a “Easton” green and white bat.

  10. Hi,
    I’m a new player, looking to join a team for the season.
    Can be contacted at 867 446 2487

  11. My name is Will, looking to play some softball this summer, very fit and athletic, haven’t played in 2 years, I can be contacted at 780-934-1787, thank you

  12. Played 2 years ago in D division in 2nd base or outfield will play which ever position needed , would love to play this summer if anyone has any spots for a guy an girl,please giimme ashout @ 447-2435

  13. Hi folks,

    Hopping to find a team to play on this summer. I’ve played a little bit before and just looking for something that isn’t to competitive. I’m a decent fielder and can hit fairly well. If you need another guy contact me
    I can be reached via text at 8674469057 or email at chris.p.64m@hotmail.com
    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

  14. Hi,
    I play fast pitch and would like to play here also.
    I am right fielder and can field any position.



  15. Hello,

    Looking to join a team, in any division. Preferably A or B. I play many positions, preferably SS or 3rd. Moving to YK in mid-July. I am in the army, so I will be away occasionally throughout the season, so I could fill in as a spare, or whatever best suits the team.


  16. I will be moving to YK in mid July, I was wondering if there’s any available positions for me. I play SS, 2nd, OF, 3rd. I’ll be available to play as a spare, as I will be away a few weeks/month with work. Looking forward to joining the social aspects of YK.


  17. Hi!! Looking to join a team. I’m usually back catcher, got some bats and excited for ball season. Contact me at (867) 445-5062.

  18. Looking for a team. Male, 35, reasonably athletic. Can pitch, play outfield, and hit with some precision (well, I haven’t played in four years, so maybe). Don’t mind being beer guy if that means getting an invite. 6880420

  19. Coming out of retirement! If there’s a D-division team that can use an aging pitcher, then I’m your guy. (Haven’t played in 10 years so I may be a bit rusty.) Call or text me.

  20. I’m coming out of retirement! Haven’t played in about 10 years but miss the game. I used to pitch. Likely can only hit singles and can’t run very fast anymore. So if there’s a D-division team out there that can use an aging “29 again for the 29th time”-year-old ball player, count me in.

  21. Hey. Looking to play. I have a good arm, usually play outfield or 2nd base. Just looking to play on a team. Also have lots of bats. You can contact me at (867) 446-0966.

  22. Hey all, hoping to find a team for the summer. Have played in the past and would do fine in C or D division. Looking for a team that isn’t super competitive and likes to have fun. Email mike@mikeotto.ca or call/text 780 499 8843. Thanks!


  23. I’m new in town and looking for a team. I’ve played low level beer league slo-pitch back home the last couple years so I’m looking for a fun team that isn’t overly competitive so if you need an extra lady contact me!

    You can reach me at 204-509-5201 or email hockeyann204@gmail.com

  24. Hi Folks,

    Been out of the league for a couple years now but hoping to get some back in the swing of things this summer. I’m looking to join either a C or D division team that is just looking to have fun. Pretty flexible with which position I play. If you’re looking for another girl to add to your roster send me a message or give me a shout.


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