House Rules

Updated June 6, 2020
The Yellowknife Slopitch Association (YKSA) shall operate under the SPN Rules (2020) with the following exceptions, additions, and clarifications:
  1. Default fees (totaling $150) shall be collected by the league. It is up to a team to request any default fees to be returned if the team is no longer playing. The team has one season to request the return of fees following their last game played or risk forfeiture.
  2. Home and Away is to be determined by coin flip during the regular season. Come playoff time, the higher seed will have the choice to field or bat first.
  3. All games will commence no later than 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit for the offending team(s) with a score of 99-0 (so defaults can be tracked).
  4. Any games forfeited by a team before 3pm shall record the game as a 77-0.
  5. The minimum number of players to constitute a team for all games is nine (9) players. If an injury or other reason causes a team to have less than nine (9) eligible players remaining, that team shall forfeit the game by a score of 77-0. If a team commences a game with nine (9) players, a tenth player can be added to the lineup at any point.
  6. Teams may choose to field a minimum of three men / women at a time and a maximum of six men / women at a time. Acceptable field formations include: three men and six women (9), four men and five women (9), four men and six women (10), five men and four women (9), five men and five women (10), six men and three women (9) and six men and four women (10).  
  7. A team may score a maximum of six (6) runs per inning and unlimited runs in the seventh (7th) inning during regular season games. If a game ends in less than seven innings for any reason (i.e., time, weather, etc.) unlimited runs shall be allowed in the last playable inning.
  8. The mat forms part of the home plate. In other words, if a catcher is standing on the mat when they catch a ball, an out would be applied if the throw beats the runner. Together. the plate and the mat make up the entirety of the strike zone. 
  9. A runner may not touch home plate when coming in to score. Should they do so, their run will not count and their team will be given an out.
  10. A team must include all players in attendance in the batting line-up, allowing any ten to play the field in any inning. A team will receive an ‘out’ each time a player on their team is unable to bat during their turn.
  11. In all formats, any number of females may bat consecutively, otherwise, the order of batting must always alternate between male and female.
  12. A game shall be called on account of the mercy rule, if the home team is ahead by 15 runs or more after 4 1/2 complete innings, or if the visiting team is ahead by 15 runs or more after 5 complete innings.
  13. No teams shall start another inning 10 minutes or less before the end of your scheduled time.
  14. The captain of the winning team is responsible to enter the score and the MVPs for both teams into the website following each game so the standings can be adjusted automatically. A confirmation email will be sent to the winning and losing team as well as the league for confirmation. All scores will be finalized automatically one week following the date of the game, regardless of whether the other team confirms. If teams believe the results of a game or the MVPs have been entered incorrectly, they should first contact the other captain to correct the information, and then get in touch with the league if unsuccessful.
  15. All regularly scheduled games must be played unless weather or unsafe field conditions do not permit it. Cancellation of regularly scheduled games due to weather or unsafe playing conditions will be announced by the League at 3pm on the game day through an announcement on Facebook and this website. These cancelled games will be rescheduled by the league.
  16. If there is inclement weather or field conditions become unsafe for game play after 3pm then it will be the responsibility of both teams to make the determination to cancel at game time. If the umpire decides that the game is unplayable due to weather Or field conditions and 4 innings have been completed, the game will be considered final and the umpire must notify the league immediately.
  17. Rescheduled games may not be during normal time-slots.
  18. Games cancelled by teams will not be rescheduled and the team that initiates the cancellation of the game will receive the loss (77-0). If neither team lets the league know that a game has been cancelled, then the game will result in a tie. Teams that do not cancel their games by 3pm of game day, by notifying their opponents and the league, will also be subject to a fine of $50 from their performance bond. Once the 4th inning has been completed, the game shall be deemed official.
  19. Walk rule: If a female batter receives four balls on any number of pitches, she is awarded first base. If a male batter is walked on four straight pitches he is awarded second base. In the event the preceding male batter is awarded second base, the following male or female batter is not automatically awarded first base.
  20. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the field or in the stands/grounds area. Alcohol is only allowed in the designated area of a licensed beer garden.
  21. There is no smoking allowed on the field at any time.
  22. All jewellery must be removed (taping is not permitted).
  23. Players can only be registered and play on one SPN – YKSA League team roster for playoffs. If a player is registered for multiple teams they will be removed from ALL rosters and ineligible to play in YKSA playoffs. 
  24. During regular season play, players may play 1 division up or 1 division down from the division they are registered in.  
  25. During playoff games, a team may pick up a max of 3 additional players for the duration of playoffs. The player’s team must have been eliminated from playoffs, and the player shall be from the same division, one division up, or one division down from that SPN – YKSA League team which they are registered. THESE PLAYERS MUST BE DISCLOSED TO YKSA EXECUTIVE BY EMAIL ( AT LEAST 1 HOUR PRIOR TO START OF GAME PLAY.
  26. During playoff games teams have until the start of the 4th inning to challenge the oppositions roster. 
  27. Rosters are due at the beginning of each year (in 2021 – June 13). These are needed to determine the number of teams submitted to SPN for insurance purposes.  Rosters may be updated throughout the season, but become locked one week before playoffs (in 2021 – as of August 20 at 11:59 pm).
  28. When preparing playoff schedules, certified umpires will be given priority.
  29. Any female who is pregnant and chooses to play, umpire, coach or manage, does so at their own risk.

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